Chip Weisel and his wife Ellen joined The Chapel in Akron in 1989.

Before teaching Inter@ct, Chip and Ellen taught and mentored young married couples in an ABF called Intimate Allies at The Chapel in Akron from 1997-2003. They were asked to help form a new community group at the Green Campus when it opened in June, 2003—Inter@ct, an ALL AGES Adult Bible Fellowship.

Chip is a student of Scripture, and takes his faith seriously. But himself? Not so much. This means his teaching style is refreshingly candid. And, while his sense of humor and quick wit will help keep your interest, you will also learn something— together, with others, wrestling, searching, and engaging the Bible as a group.

Chip and Ellen live in Hartville. They have two emerging adult children—a son Hudson, and a daughter Bentley. He is also a chiropractor, professional speaker and serves on the board of directors for First Glance and TomTod Ideas.

To contact or learn more about Chip, visit his Facebook page.

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