To us, Inter@ct is more than just a name, it’s our style of learning. What does this mean to you?

Instead of just transmitting information (like a sermon), the teacher is more of a facilitator of group conversation.

We read a passage of Scripture or experience something (the sermon, an article, a video, a conference, an interview, a retreat, a web site, etc.), and then discuss it amongst ourselves with the teacher facilitating the conversation. The teacher tries to make sure that needed context is conveyed and understood, but in the context of conversation, not just a monologue.

We encourage everyone to interact with the group discussion—even interrupt the teacher if you feel led—but please know you will never be called upon to speak against your will. We know and respect that some people learn by active participation and others by active listening.

Instead of just hearing information, we make use of computing and social media to encourage the conversation.

We use PowerPoint on Sunday mornings…a lot. But rest assured, we use it well. Multimedia helps keeps you engaged, and the teacher ( Chip Weisel ) from being distracted. 🙂

We use this web site to post Upcoming Topics and/or Scripture passages ahead of time, should you choose to prepare. Of course, you can simply show up on any given Sunday and join the conversation. Either way, we’re just glad you decided to join us.

We use social media ( i.e. Facebook ) because it allows people—including those who may not be comfortable speaking in front of the group—to express thoughts and ideas with some or all of the group outside of class.

Instead of just being told what to believe, you will be prodded to discover why you believe what you believe.

We call it real-world Bible teaching. As a result, sometimes you may leave class on a Sunday morning feeling a bit unsettled because you have been challenged. Hopefully it prompts you to dig deeper into the Scriptures on your own. And, that’s okay. Actually, it’s kind of the point.

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