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From canadian pharmacy i just [from canadian pharmacy] wanted to say again how grateful ellen and i were (and are) for your generosity towards us at christmas. Y'all are too kind.  The various gift cards were thoughtful. And, I especially appreciated the gift in our honor made to The Chapel to be used for a  as well as the money given to a . I was also pleased that you expressed your appreciation to Cindy Molnar—she is so faithful in coordinating the social events for our group. And, I want to thank both Curt Tipton and Tim Walton as well for teaching for me throughout the year when I am away. I also need to mention John Kovatch too from canadian pharmacy, from canadian pharmacy who helps Curt with leading in opening the class each Sunday. Community groups work because people share in the responsibilities, and our group is a great example of what a functioning ABF looks like. Thank you. Chip  

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