Inter@ct is an ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) for all ages at The Chapel in Green. Our website has moved to BELONG @ The Chapel, a secure online community database! Learn more: CLICK HERE

About Inter@ct ABF

We are an eclectic community group. Some of us are married and some of us are single. Some of us are Democratic and some of us are Republican. Some of us are ESV and some of us are NASB. You get the idea. We are making an effort to be intentional about learning how to love and accept people (including fellow Christians) who may be different than ourselves. For us, it’s really a John 13:35 / Romans 15:7 thing. And, it keeps it all rather interesting.

We inter@ct. That’s who we are. That’s what we do.

We inter@ct with the Scriptures each Sunday at 10:40am in Room 124. We believe people who love and accept each other can study the Bible better together, and apply it with more integrity and directness. As the teacher, Chip Weisel tries to make sure that needed context is conveyed and understood, but in the context of candid conversation, not just a monologue. Together, with others, wrestling, searching, and engaging the Bible as a group.

We also inter@ct online through BELONG @ The Chapel, our secure online community database! Learn more: CLICK HERE

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